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Le Flambard – Restaurant

  • Client: Restaurant Le Flambard
  • Date Completed: March 2011

New website, social marketing and SEO


Our mandate was to update the design of, optimize it and add a content management system (CMS). The old version was dated 2002 and clearly needed a more contemporary look. Among other things, the site was using outdated technology and did not show in various search engines.

This project was a challenge in a field of competitive activities: bring your own wine, medium priced restaurants, in the Plateau Mont-Royal. Here is the list of challenges we faced:

  • Update the design
  • Re-do the site architecture
  • Add a management tool
  • Add an online reservation functionality
  • Indexing and SEO
  • Improve restaurant positioning against the competition

Strategy and Deployement

  • Creation of a modern, trendy design
  • New content and architecture for easy navigation
  • SEO: verification of the architecture and site design. We added elements to optimize the code according to specific keywords targeted by the client and general research habits of users.
  • An online reservation form has been added. This easy-to-use form sends an email to the client with the reservation. It is inexpensive, requires no data storage and is easily accessible by customers, from anywhere on the site.
  • We advised the client of the benefits of social networking
  • Registration to local search directories
  • Building the business profile on Google Places
  • Implementation of Google Analytics
  • Integration of a content management system (CMS). We chose Silvestripe for its ease of use, stability and flexibility.


  • A 200% increase in traffic
  • 220% increase in clicks and impressions on Google Maps
  • During the first month of operation there were 33 bookings for 170 people from the online form.
  • A significant increase in visibility has been gained on Google with keywords such as:
    • Montreal Bring Your Own Wine: from “absent” to 20th
    • Restaurant Plateau: from “absent” to fourth overall

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