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Future Lighting Solutions

  • Client: Future Lighting Solutions
  • Date Completed: October 2012

PowerPoint Web App

Future Lighting Solutions has asked Lopel WebStudio to create a PowerPoint (PPT) slide template and manage a large number of PPT slides that are used by the company sales force throughout the world.

Goals and solutions

  • To keep several PowerPoint files in a manageable manner where users can browse them by topics and grab parts of multiple files to automatically output a combined PowerPoint file. An option to search for text inside the power point file will be available in the search form.

Services Outline

  • .NET + an Aspose software were chosen to fulfill this project.
  • A MS SQL Database to keep all power point files where each file can have multiple categorized topics.
  • A simple user authentication was also implemented where 2 groups of users will exist:
    • Users who can only query PowerPoint records and save the results
    • Administrators who can do the same as the previous group plus insert/update/delete PowerPoint files and manage all users.

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